Merry Christmas!!!

It's have been long time!!!

Finally i write in here again!!
Job is handfull but it will pass day by day

Merry Christmas to all my LJ Friends

Sorry for inactive!

I will try do my best to posting here!

Ja matta ne!!!

These day.......

While uploading... suddenly electricity down, so i'm going to theather with my friend and wanting to buy ticket for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 then all i got is all seat fulled *lol*

So i'm come back to uploading again...

My ifile account disabled without any reason. i dunno why so i made new one again.

Raining almost one week and short story

The weather really screw up *lol*
I think i'm gonna be freezing soon ><
Finally i see my HMs put the warning about "something". Even i'm one of admins but i'm hardly to online and i should add everyone -.-"

Almost 2 years i'm staying with them and they are like my family in real, but i know we never meet in real and someday time to say goodbye will come. It's sad everytime i remind about it.
I hope they are always happy and be health wherever they are.
Love forever and always!

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That person really being annoying -.-"
why they not stop drama? Real Life full drama why they add it to that life too? ><
I want to escape from real life drama too. If they not stop, they should quit!!!

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